Looking for the Best Trendy Handbags

Bag fanatics would know that the list of bag designs would pretty much be endless. From practical casual bags to luxurious designer handbags, the items and designs to choose from is limitless. But from time to time, a certain style would stand out amongst the rest. Trendy handbags would definitely sweep everyone, from the top line celebrities, down to mainstream consumers. These kinds of bags would usually be good for a certain period of time and during this time, bunch of different designs for the same concept might have been produced. So, to be part of the ‘in trend’ what should you purchase? Is it worth the wait and the expense?  

It is more often than not, hard to actually figure out if a bag a certain outfit is currently at its peak not unless you see them worn but the divas and celebs. And truly, most of us base it on what we see on the television, worn by our idols. But yes, they wear it today and throw it the next day and commoners can’t be as luxurious as that, not until our bank account says so. Let’s check the best of the best this season. 

Michael Kors’ Creations

Alongside with other big names, comes Michael Kors’ bag line. If you have never heard of their infamous Hamilton Traveller, then you are definitely missing something. The satchel bag looks perfect on almost all occasion plus the sling to make it convenient to bring anywhere.

Michael Kors offers elegant looking bags without hurting your pocket as much as others. One other popular bag is their leather portfolio bag named Everlane Petra. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Olivia Munn both got their hands on this item and made them one of the trendy handbags of this season!

Moschino Bag Line

One of Moschino’s best sellers is their bucket bag which is convenient to carry and stylish altogether. This bag comes in bright orange color with gold handle. This design has definitely blown a lot of fashionista’s mind this season and definitely made it to one of the trendy handbags to spend your greenbacks for.

The Everlasting Louis Vuitton

With the well established brand name, I guess even commoners know this renowned French brand. Your savings account must be well fed if you happen to purchase one or even multiple sets. As it comes out very demanding, it is also not easily achieved nor purchased. Every single handbag fanatic would definitely understand the urge to at least have one on their collection lists. LV has been creating grade A level of leather bags that would truly last a lifetime, as long as you know how to maintain it. 

Lanvin’s Garbage Bag!

Oh yes, you read it right. Lanvin has created a garbage-like bag design that put them flying high from the demand they are getting. Although their ‘Carry Me’ series proved how critical they make their designs, this particular garbage bag made it to one of the trendy handbags of this period.

For practical people, it would really not feel right purchasing high end bags. But come to think of it, it could be an investment too. They last almost forever and they could help you a lot during special events. They could boost confidence plus make you feel as gorgeous as you have or never have been before. Bags changes every season thus, make sure you get yourself even a single piece. It does not have to be luxurious but in at least you’ll have good working one. You may go online to look for other alternatives to the ones listed above.


Getting to Know your Handbag Manufacturers

Yes, we know we can buy bags from the mall and on bazaars, but where do designer handbags really came from? How are they made and why are they so expensive?  Creating a designer handbag is more than just picking the material and stitching. Just like any other bags, it starts with a sketch. Before the drawings are considered in the production, there has to be a lot of comparison – what is the latest and will this bag still be trending by the time it is completed? It also requires a lot of critical thinking for it to be unique enough to outstand amongst other competitors and be on top of the consumer’s demand.

The patternmaker uses the sketch set up as the main sample guideline of the luxury bag. The very few things done onset of creation is the choosing of material and its color. There are multiple types of leather, like calfskin and ostrich. Therefore, the patternmaker must select particularly which one has to go with a specific entry. It is important to consider which material works best on a particular type of bag. All handbag manufacturers consider silhouette where you get to select good durable materials for structured shoulder bags and softer leather for hobos or slouchy handbags. This part has to be done by a skilled leather worker in order to make sure that all items, fittings and materials are well suited for this particular piece. The leather cutters will then take cover and make sure that each portion is cut appropriately in accordance to the main guideline. It is very important that the leather cutters are well experienced as the leather material is very costly and there is very little margin for error.

Handbag ManufacturersNow, moving on to the next step – stitching. After the leather cutter ready the cutouts, the banconista or assembler then lay them out to follow the main guide. The stitching part would be very critical as it needs stabilization skills, apart from the actual sewing. This could either be machine or hand-stitched. In order to have quality results, one has to master this craft. It wouldn’t be very easy to stitch finely on leather or any other challenging materials. Any incorrect stitch would leave a mark; therefore this has to be done as perfect as possible. Keep in mind that some bags have more intricate details like inner pockets, which is part of a complicated fabrication process.  After the stitching then goes, the finishing stage. It may not look exactly as how the main guideline/prototype looks as it still lacks some hardware pieces. This part is where the bag is being inspected of any defects. Missing hardware is added. After this, all the bags are then available for packing and shipping. Handbag manufacturers make sure that all bags are individually wrapped in order to provide good professional presentation then shipped to their destinations.

Handbag Manufacturers’ Expenses

These designer bags are charged way more than common brands for different reasons and they are determined by:

  • Company’s well profound name
  • Superior material quality
  • Production team including skilled workers and artisans
  • Production costs to make each handbag

By now, you should now have understood the flow of production of different luxurious handbag manufacturers. You now have an idea as to why they charge extremely higher than regular bags made by machines.


Tips for Buzing Cheap Bags Online

If you are a fashion aficionado but can’t quite afford the exorbitant price tags of Louis Vuitton or Gucci designer handbags, you can always go for cheap designer bags online to save cash and still get a decent purse that you can show off to your girlfriends. Not every woman has a fat paycheck to buy designer purses, but that’s not an excuse for you to neglect your fashion sense. You surely want to have a decent bag, be it for everyday use or for that special date night. Cheap designer handbags are easy to find online if you know where to look.

Wholesale handbags are your best bet if you are on a tight budget. Even if you are purchasing online, wholesale purses are priced significantly lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price because space rental and middlemen’s commission are not subsidized to consumers. You can be assured that you’re getting good quality for these cheap handbags provided that you are buying from authorized sellers.

Cheap Bags OnlineWhatever your style or preference is, you can surely find cheap shoulder bags and cheap tote bags online. If you’re dreaming of laying your hands on branded designer purses, you can also settle for class A replicas, which look almost identical to the original. Used cheap clutch bags are also available on online sales stores.

However, if you are a devout follower of genuine designer bags, you should know how to spot fakes though you are looking for handbags on sale. Original products come with dust bags and authenticity card with bar coded tags. Unless the cheap purses you see online are overstock sales, be suspicious of stores that sell high-end bags in huge quantities. Try to compare the prices with authentic bags at Neiman Marcus and fashion boutiques or reputable discount websites like Blue Fly. If the price difference is 70% cheaper, you’re certainly looking at a counterfeit.

Cheap Online  BagsCheap bags are not only a great deal wholesale prices online; they are so successful because of the excellent customer service that most stores offer. Why would you waste time and gas to go to the mal when collections of designer bags can come to you at the comfort of your home? Live chat and e-mail are available on most sites so you can send your queries about product information and shipping requirements. Honest stores also provide clear return policies if you are unhappy with the product.

You’re getting what you paid for, so you don’t have to worry about scams. There are no gimmicks or false promises in the hopes of fishing a purchase. You might save a lot of cash that you might be tempted to buy so many items in haste. But it would be wise to try to buy a bag or two first to see if a store’s products meet your needs.  Once you’ve proven the quality of the bags, feel free to recommend the site to your circle of friends. If you saved a lot of cash on your purchase, you can even buy cheap gift bags for a friend or your mom as a sample.

Buying cheap bags online is no easy feat. But once you get the hang of it and catch the best deals, online shopping can be a very rewarding, hassle free experience. All you need is Internet connection and a credit card and you’re good to go. What are you waiting for? Check out the nearly unlimited selections of designer handbags online and be the first among your friends to talk about it!


Business Strategies for Cheap Wholesale Handbags

Designer purses and handbags have become part and parcel of modern fashion for women. Although you don’t have anything really important to carry with you, you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without a purse. Sporting a bag is more a fashion statement than a necessity. Thus, business owners have capitalized on the high demand for cheap designer handbags. There are many ways to make a lucrative business in this industry.

If you consider selling bags for extra income, it is a must to study the market strategy and pricing trend of wholesale purses and handbags. Many sellers offer wholesale bags and designer purses for highly competitive prices. Online stores bring the competition to a steeper level since they sell bags close to the manufacturers’ price. Online stores brandish wholesale handbags and purses at rock-bottom rates because there’s no middleman’s commission. They do not pay rent for a physical space nor need to hire employees. As long as you can ascertain the security of business transaction with a reputable seller, all you have to worry about is the shipping costs. You can also purchase discount designer handbags at affordable prices if you are lucky to catch a major sale from retailers.

Cheap Wholesale HandbagsWhile looking for cheap handbags, do not forget to look into the workmanship and production process of the bags. Genuine designer purses undergo stringent quality control before they are released to the market, so be sure that the cheap purses you are considering bear authenticity seals. Traditionally, the manufacturer supplies goods to distributors, who turn over to retailers before the product reaches the consumers. When an item goes through each of these steps, its price increases progressively. Hence, it is wise to buy from sellers who can get wholesale bags directly from the manufacturer.

For your business to be successful, you have to be constantly updated on the latest trends and newest designs available. You should also check the market average for prices so you can offer wholesale purses competitively. Be aware of seasonal demands. Beach tote bags, for instance, sell like pancakes during summer but may decline significantly during winter. Shoulder bags, on the other hand, are an all-time favorite since they can go with any outfit and any occasion. Still, many opt for wholesale leather handbags because they are sturdy and can be worn day in and day out.

Consumers have become more educated nowadays, so you have to address their specific needs. Women tend to be more particular with specific uses of bags than men, so you have to have a variety of products to cater to all occasions. Remember that consumers look for the best deal in terms of price and quality when looking for cheap wholesale handbags.


Four Foolproof Tips in Choosing the Best Handbags

You may be giving a lot of thought to choosing from nearly countless designer handbags for your money’s worth but seem to hesitate on the best handbag. Wholesale handbags may be available for rock-bottom prices, but you’ve learned the hard way that the quality of knock-offs and replicas is suspect. Even if budget is not an issue, you still want to get the ideal luxury handbag that you will not get tired of seeing every single day. You have tons of choices, and it’s hard to sift through every single one of them. You do a lot of window shopping and planning, but end up not buying anything at all. Or you buy several bags, but your hunger for fashion handbags is still not satiated. Here are some tips on how to make the right decision when buying handbags for women so you’ll be content and happy with every purchase.

  1. Follow your heart’s desire

When you first visit a store or flip through the catalogue of an online shop, following your instinct is a foolproof strategy. Among racks and stacks of the best designer handbags, there’s certainly one bag that you fall in love with at first sight. It’s hard to resist this feeling, so take time to try it on. If you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, then there’s no question you’ve got yourself a keeper.

  1. Mind over matter

Don’t let your fashionista frenzy override your rational thinking in choosing designer handbags. Although going for your first love makes you happy, it’s wise gather reliable information on popular designs, origin, material, and price comparison. Don’t get carried away by designer handbags on sale, either. Ascertain their authenticity and quality before reaching for your wallet. Sometimes, it pays to be patient and wait for major sales of wholesale designer handbags from reputable fashion boutiques.

  1. Comfortable to use

You may easily fall head over heels for gorgeous DKNY handbags at Nordstorm, but take some time to feel that leather bag on you. DKNY bags may have a solid reputation for durability, but do you feel comfortable wearing bulBest Handbagsky, heavy shoulder bags? Does the bag you’re eyeing have adjustable straps? Do the straps fit snugly on your shoulder? Is it easy to unfasten magnetic locks or zippers? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found a bag that you’ll surely love for everyday use.

  1. Complements your wardrobe

Be sure that you consider your wardrobe collection when buying a new bag. The luxury handbags that you flaunt on dates may not be appropriate for your office uniform. You may have tons of blouses and dresses with neutral colors, a neon beach tote bag may not be a good idea. Glamorous evening bags may not go well with open-toe sandals or flip-flops, just as leather handbags have no place on the beach. If you cannot afford a different handbag for different occasion, choose designs that you can match with your usual getup.

Is there such a thing as a perfect handbag? Probably, there’s not. But with these tips in mind, you can make an informed and smart choice. You can be confident when deciding to reach for your wallet because the best handbags deserve an important niche in your fashion collection.