Getting to Know your Handbag Manufacturers

Yes, we know we can buy bags from the mall and on bazaars, but where do designer handbags really came from? How are they made and why are they so expensive?  Creating a designer handbag is more than just picking the material and stitching. Just like any other bags, it starts with a sketch. Before the drawings are considered in the production, there has to be a lot of comparison – what is the latest and will this bag still be trending by the time it is completed? It also requires a lot of critical thinking for it to be unique enough to outstand amongst other competitors and be on top of the consumer’s demand.

The patternmaker uses the sketch set up as the main sample guideline of the luxury bag. The very few things done onset of creation is the choosing of material and its color. There are multiple types of leather, like calfskin and ostrich. Therefore, the patternmaker must select particularly which one has to go with a specific entry. It is important to consider which material works best on a particular type of bag. All handbag manufacturers consider silhouette where you get to select good durable materials for structured shoulder bags and softer leather for hobos or slouchy handbags. This part has to be done by a skilled leather worker in order to make sure that all items, fittings and materials are well suited for this particular piece. The leather cutters will then take cover and make sure that each portion is cut appropriately in accordance to the main guideline. It is very important that the leather cutters are well experienced as the leather material is very costly and there is very little margin for error.

Handbag ManufacturersNow, moving on to the next step – stitching. After the leather cutter ready the cutouts, the banconista or assembler then lay them out to follow the main guide. The stitching part would be very critical as it needs stabilization skills, apart from the actual sewing. This could either be machine or hand-stitched. In order to have quality results, one has to master this craft. It wouldn’t be very easy to stitch finely on leather or any other challenging materials. Any incorrect stitch would leave a mark; therefore this has to be done as perfect as possible. Keep in mind that some bags have more intricate details like inner pockets, which is part of a complicated fabrication process.  After the stitching then goes, the finishing stage. It may not look exactly as how the main guideline/prototype looks as it still lacks some hardware pieces. This part is where the bag is being inspected of any defects. Missing hardware is added. After this, all the bags are then available for packing and shipping. Handbag manufacturers make sure that all bags are individually wrapped in order to provide good professional presentation then shipped to their destinations.

Handbag Manufacturers’ Expenses

These designer bags are charged way more than common brands for different reasons and they are determined by:

  • Company’s well profound name
  • Superior material quality
  • Production team including skilled workers and artisans
  • Production costs to make each handbag

By now, you should now have understood the flow of production of different luxurious handbag manufacturers. You now have an idea as to why they charge extremely higher than regular bags made by machines.