Loving Summer Handbags – and coming up with the Best!

Summer, summer season! Who doesn’t love summer? The beach, the striking sun rays and tan lines everywhere! But, summer doesn’t mean we have to be all bare naked and so we still have to manage a better matching look, both for your outfit and your accessories. Depending on what era, your get-up may change from time to time. But mostly, accessories stay if not the same, only with little changes and innovation. This include shoes and the more crazed for, bags.  But how do we really figure out a good handbag to go with our summer look?  If you still want to get that vintage feel by choosing leather summer handbags then, what do you need to consider? Let me share with you some easy guidelines to ensure that you still rock under the sun.

Picking the Right Summer Handbag

There would be hundreds and tons of bags that you may choose from, but which one suits your summer look? Number one, choose the right color. Color combination almost about fit every single thing you need to mix and match clothes and accessories. This summer season make sure to pick the brighter pastel colored item like beige or green. If you want to go buy leather bags, make sure to choose khaki instead of the regular black or brown selection.

Number two, go for the smaller ones. Summer handbags are supposed to be handy and cute. You don’t necessarily have to look like you are bringing your paperwork or laptop with you (though you may look for trendy laptop bags). If you will need more items, better get something that has compartments to fill in your small thingies.

The season would definitely be annoying, talk about dripping sweat. Now, it is best to look for handbags that have longer straps to give ample space between your bag and your body. Also, you don’t want short handbags that when carried over your shoulders, would stick to your underarms. Friction would cause more heat and you don’t want to lose your composure because of this. And so, this is the third thing to check.

Number four; bring that retro gal in you! Go for more summer look by choosing floral designs. Of course make sure to consider the color as stated above. If you are looking to get leather summer handbags, you may have a little hard time looking for those that has floral designs. There may be some that have floral embroidery but they are rare and could cost a little more than the usual leather handbags.

There will be no perfect bag but you could always go with the one that suits what you need and the one that makes your heart stop a little as you look at it. Make sure to check the event that you will be using the bag so you may play with them and do some mix and matches. Evening events require darker shade and more glittering effect but for the summer lovin’ season, make sure to get the coolest of them all!


Tips in Choosing the Perfect Clutch Bag for all Occasions

With the modern age came constant changes in people’s lifestyle and preferences. This fact is not more obvious than in the way people’s taste for the latest trends in fashion and accessories, especially women’s designer handbags.  Designer bags have become a necessity and status symbol for women from all walks of life and regardless of age.

Clutch bags are an all-time favorite side dish to any fashion main course. Because they are easy to carry and can conveniently fit inside shoulder bags, many women would like to have a collection of different clutch bags for all occasions, be it parties or school, or any season like winter or summer.

Clutch bags also come in various styles and colors that women can mix and match to accent their outfit and mood.A fabulous red clutch bag brings out a woman’s inner vixen just as a silver clutch bag exudes an air of regal Clutch Bagelegance. If you are in for a date night with your beau, a nude clutch bag certainly sets the mood for a romantic evening. There is a perfect clutch bag to suit every woman’s needs and make her day complete.

Clutch bags are great gift ideas for any woman—be it a girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, best friend, or colleague. If you are a man who takes pleasure in pampering your girlfriend with luxurious gifts, you will never go wrong with a gold clutch bag that you will probably see on most of your dates. Evening clutch bags are a thoughtful anniversary gift to your wife. If you know how fond your sister or friend is of small, handy bags, then a cute clutch purse would surely deserve a niche in her wardrobe picks. Choosing a clutch bag, however, whether it’s for you of for a special someone, can be tough. So it is helpful to heed some of these tips in selecting the best clutch bag, considering your style and budget.

  1. What will it be used for?

You have to think of the occasion that the bag will most probably be used for because clutch bags come in many styles, sizes, and colors. Be sure to choose a bag that matches the occasion. Size is also an important factor because you would want to fit all your daily essentials (e.g. lipstick, makeup, wallet, credit cards, IDs) wherever you go. Take note of the make of the bag you are eyeing. Woven cotton and artistic colors are sported by most fashionistas nowadays, so it would be a good idea to watch out for the latest fashion trends.

  1. Choose the right color

You have almost unlimited options to choose from when Clutch Bagsit comes to the color of your clutch bag. You should be daring enough to try out unorthodox colors that will stand out from the crowd and make your bland getup shine. It is not uncommon to see neon-colored and bright hues like orange, pink, and purple, too. If you love the good old vibes of traditional leather bags, however, you can choose more neutral colors such as black, white, or gray since you can wear them day in and day out.

  1. Add in your personality

To add more flavor and class to your clutch bag, you can have it personalized with your name or initials. Many stores and fashion boutiques offer to customize your bag for you upon purchase, so you can request them to inscribe your fiancée’s name or initials along with a short, sweet message. You can also find online stores that sell cheap purses with embellishments like sequins, jewels, or fur.

Choosing the perfect clutch bag all comes down to your fashion sense. You don’t want tog et left behind by your friends, so choose a bag that complements the occasion and your wardrobe collection.


Beach Bags for and all Occasions

Beach bags have been traditionally linked to summer, their colorful and unique designs in contrast with the glaring heat, flashy sunglasses, cushy beach towels, and vibrant swimwear. With an innovative fashion sense, though, your beach bags and totes can make a surprising encore in your daily wardrobe even after summer, regardless of the season. Surely, you can use your waterproof beach bag for swimming, but you can also sport your large beach bag for carrying school projects, your straw beach bag for going to church, and your mesh beach bag for swinging by the gym. Matching colors and designs is only limited by your creativity!

Beach tote bags are a great addition to your all-season wardrobe because they are versatile, fun, and durable. Many designer beach bags come with a roomy, unstructured storage space so you can easily keep towels and beach apparel. Exterior pockets allow easy access to your beauty essentials like sunscreen, flipflops, and makeup kit. They have adjustable straps and expandable main compartments. You can order monogrammed or personalized beach bBeach Bagags with your name or favorite characters embroidered on them. The best beach bags sport adorable prints, some with complementary or contrasting hues in the body and straps. Others play up vintage and abstract prints in washed-down cotton fabric. You can vary your collection even more with reversible designs. The chic and trendy designs, however, do not undermine the durability of these cute beach bags. If properly maintained, they can survive the wear and tear of everyday use just as much as leather designer handbags. High-grade tote bags come with woven rope straps, interlaced stitching, and secure zippers or magnetic snap closures. If you want to invest on designer beach bags, a Tory Burch beach bag with reinforced, rip-resistant handles and water-resistant bottom is an excellent pick.

Beach BagsMesh tote bags and canvas beach bags are the most commonly used beach bags. Most canvas bags are made from 100% cotton, so they are breathable, light-weight, and washable. Others are made from polyester canvas with soft braided handles that are comfortable on your shoulders. A lot of canvas tote bags have open top linings, making them a perfect companion as you lazily lounge by the ocean or pool all afternoon. The mesh beach bag, on the other hand, is made of see-through material so you can easily locate what you are looking for. An excellent container for your laundry, most mesh bags have water-proof compartments and rubberized drawstrings.

As much as you want to keep wearing your fancy canvas tote bags by the beach or pool, summertime only lasts a few weeks. Your good old beach bag tote will fondly remind you of your moments wiggling your toes in the sand, so why not take it with you to school? Just shake up the sand and wash it up and you’re good to go. In the meantime, you can put your bikinis and shades in your closet and stuff your laptop, books, and pens. If summer is months away, you have plenty of time to look for cheap beach bags in local retail stores or online sellers. You can choose from different colors, sizes, and designs of wholesale beach bags from reputable stores.