Spotting Authentic Designer Handbags

Today, we will share with you the best tips and tricks in finding costly and cheap authentic designer handbags.


  1. Authenticity cards. Genuine items usually have authenticity cards inserted in the bag, whether on a foil bag or on a separate envelope. You should see a logo at the front proving that the designer handbag purchased is authentic.
  2. Understand that designer handbags are very costly because it took time to establish their Any person using these brands is showing signs of sophistication and elegance. Definitely a woman of pride and wealth would a top designer handbag with her on her every walks. If you are to buy a designer purse or handbag, understand that it would really cost you some. Sometimes, the desperation to have one blinds us and leaves us purchasing the fake ones. Even if you are looking to get designer handbags on sale, still expect the range would be quite higher than normal bags.
  3. Eye on the signature logo. Best designer handbags have a signature logo woven into the fabric on a monogram lining. This simple trick would easily help you distinguish the authentic from not.
  4. Check the stitching, labels and pockets. Keep in mind that these details will surely be mistaken by counterfeit makers for a simple reason that they rely mainly on the outside appearance. Check the labels for spelling mistakes, missed stitches and pockets that are unaligned.

Authentic Designer Handbags

Some Tips

  • Yes, you investing on buying this even if it’s one of the used designer handbags so make sure you know how to take good care of it. Make sure you maintain it, as it maintains you as the center of attention.
  • Since you are putting much money on these kinds of bags, it is most advisable to buy it from the designer handbags outlet or through authorized dealers. If not, make sure you inspect the creation of the bag and shop around to get a discount designer handbag.


 Be wary of cheap designer handbags being sold. The tendency is that these are counterfeit. Make sure you know the possible price range of these items so you can still associate them with possible sales and clearance events.