Six Tips for Spotting a Genuine Carolina Herrera Handbags

Acclaimed as one of the most influential fashion designers, Venezuelan-American Carolina Herrera has indelibly etched her name in the hall of fame of style and elegance. She has dressed First Ladies from Jacqueline Onassis to Michelle Obama, no less. She is best known for her luxury handbags, Carolina Herrera shoes, and Carolina Herrera perfumes. If you want to share the glory of flaunting the famous “CH” logo on one of your designer bags, you’d better be sure that what you’re getting is the real deal, not some second-rate knock-off or replica. Here are six must-know tips before you swipe your credit card for those leather handbags with a matching Carolina Herrera 212.


  1. Most Carolina Herrera bags are made of 100% authentic leather, so you should know how to determine if it’s real or not. Inspect the material. If it’s rigid, hard, and rugged, then it’s a fake. Genuine leather is soft, even, and pliable but heavy and can stand without collapsing. The accents on the bag should also be made of leather, not vinyl.
  2. Check the bag’s zipper, embellishments, and accessories. Can you pull the zipper up and down without a hitch? Are the designs made of fine craftsmanship and stitches? Do the metal plates softly glimmer without signs of tarnishing? If the answer is yes, then you’re looking at the real thing.
  3. ExCarolina Herrera Handbagsamine the purse’s stitches. Classy designer purses like Fendi handbags and Carolina Herrera purses have impeccable stitching—no lapses, no zigzags, no loose threads—because they are either hand-stitched or machine-sewed. The colors of the thread used should also blend with and match the hardware.
  4. Look at the “CH” logo. It should be meticulously engraved on the leather in straight, geometric patterns and not haphazardly splashed on with scruffy prints. Carolina Herrera has made her mark with the prestigious “CH” logo, so it should be blasphemous to see the letters “C” and “H” separated at a seam.
  5. Retrieve the original package and go over the contents. You should find an official receipt and authenticity label. Designer handbags come with plush fabric, protective dust bag, and firm boxes. The handles are delicately covered in lightly colored tissue paper and the handles are wrapped in plastic adhesive. Flimsy packaging in a brown cardboard or a canvas swatch tied to the zipper is a telltale sign of a phony. Be wary, though, because copycats can counterfeit labels and receipts, so don’t hesitate to investigate further.
  6. Inspect the bag’s label. Bona fide Carolina Herrera handbags proudly carry the name “Carolina Herrera” or “CH Carolina Herrera,” which is impossible to miss. If available, verify the country of origin of discount designer handbags. Majority of authentic designer handbags are European in origin, so steer clear of suspicious, cheap handbags from China or the Philippines. Asian countries have lenient intellectual property laws, so unrighteous manufacturers can freely replicate designer bags and pass them off as authentic.