How to Spot Genuine Carolina Herrera Handbags

1.      Your sense of touch is the first reliable organ you may use to discover if it is the real Carolina Herrera bags. Leather handbags should feel smooth and soft unlike the fake ones which feel rigid and plastic-like.

2.      Check the accessories like the zippers. Carolina Herrera purses and bags are created without flaws. This means, you should not see any missing teeth on the zippers and the overall appearance should be smooth and scratch-free. If you spot any part of it fading or chipping off, you might be looking at a fake piece.

3.      Stitching is also one important detail to look at. Usual designer handbags have their own stitching patterns and should never have loose or missing stitches. Cheap handbags sometimes have different thread color and often have poor craftsmanship.

4.      The logo is very important as it gives the actual impact and authenticity of the item. Although others may try to imitate the logo, keep in mind that Carolina Herrera handbags for women have the logo embossed in the leather. If this is stamped then the bag is replica.

5.      Although the packing is often disregarded, it is actually important. You may inspect the package and check every single detail like the tissue paper and see if it is luxuriously packed.

6.      The name should appear clearly on the bag and it could be either CH Carolina Herrera or just Carolina Herrera alone. If you see any discrepancies when it comes to spelling, then you know what this means.

It is very easy to spot the original from the not, all you need is just some eye for differences and also a basketful of patience. We all want a good item in exchange for our hard-earned greenbacks, so make sure you inspect these designer bags carefully.