Finding Perfect Bags for Women – Knowing the Best for You!

Not just because they are just bags does that mean that you don’t have to pay attention to them. One important thing you must know is that bags can actually help flaunt your figure and helps give an illusion depending on what outfit you wear. There are multiple types of women bags sold in the market today and it is very important that you know which one will compliment you and your body. Let us help you find perfect women handbags with our simple tips and tricks.


To those who worry about their figures, one thing you may want to consider is the shape of the bag. To be able to create an illusion you have to make sure the bag you chose is opposite the silhouette of your body. That means if you are small and voluptuous, go for long and tall rectangular bag like satchel bags for women.  Curvy women or those with rounder figure are better to have structured bags like rectangular clutch bags. On the other hand, if you are tall or thin then go for baggy womens bag. This will create additional curves and will create a beautiful proportion as you carry them.

women handbagsIf you are having a hard time understanding some terminology used in selecting handbags for women, then let us help you out.

  • Duffle bags are shoulder bags for women and men with a wide top opening.
  • Tote bags for women (rarely men), are open-top bags with parallel handles or straps.
  • Hobo bags are crescent looking bags that are often slouchy and have long straps.
  • Clutch bags are small handheld bags that often look like womens purses. These can be hand carried or slipped through the underarm.
  • Satchels are structured bags that can be handheld or shoulder-carried.
  • Field bags are shoulder bags usually with flaps paired with snaps and buckles.
  • Another is the messenger bag for women which can simply be carried on the shoulder. These bags are usually large.
  • Baguette, like its name, looks like bread that falls under the category of shoulder bags for women.
  • Pouch is a small soft bag.
  • Cigar box, like its name, is a small hard box type bag.
  • Kelly bags are structured handbags that have hardware closures like Hermes style.
  • Cross body bags for women are the most common and can be worn across the body or on a different angle that you prefer.


women handbagsThe bag itself will not make you look thinner but it can compliment your shape. The good thing with choosing the right bag for you is that you will benefit from the illusion it will give you apart from being a usable item to carry.

Just like what is stated above. It is important to know which one suits your body type. If you are a tall woman at about 6 feet, you don’t want to be carrying an eenie meenie handbag. The same manner with voluptuous girl hauling slouchy leather tote bags for women.

It is important to know the accentuations created by the bags you carry. If leather handbags for women ends right about your hip, then the illusion will be on the same area. The hip then is hidden by the attention created by the bag. Commonly women’s waist is flattered by bags that end on your mid torso. For busty women, be careful with wearing cross body bags as they go cut through the bust line.


  • Just like buying clothes, it is best to try on the handbags too. Make certain that you check how it feels and maybe ask your friends to see what they think about it too.
  • With the rise of so many styles, make sure you buy only those that fit you. Designs could be tempting but the comfort and proportionalities could be a good factor to primarily consider.
  • Before purchasing any bag make certain that you consider the usage. If you usually bring papers and books with you then go for messenger bags for women or work bags for women.