Loving Summer Handbags – and coming up with the Best!

Summer, summer season! Who doesn’t love summer? The beach, the striking sun rays and tan lines everywhere! But, summer doesn’t mean we have to be all bare naked and so we still have to manage a better matching look, both for your outfit and your accessories. Depending on what era, your get-up may change from time to time. But mostly, accessories stay if not the same, only with little changes and innovation. This include shoes and the more crazed for, bags.  But how do we really figure out a good handbag to go with our summer look?  If you still want to get that vintage feel by choosing leather summer handbags then, what do you need to consider? Let me share with you some easy guidelines to ensure that you still rock under the sun.

Picking the Right Summer Handbag

There would be hundreds and tons of bags that you may choose from, but which one suits your summer look? Number one, choose the right color. Color combination almost about fit every single thing you need to mix and match clothes and accessories. This summer season make sure to pick the brighter pastel colored item like beige or green. If you want to go buy leather bags, make sure to choose khaki instead of the regular black or brown selection.

Number two, go for the smaller ones. Summer handbags are supposed to be handy and cute. You don’t necessarily have to look like you are bringing your paperwork or laptop with you (though you may look for trendy laptop bags). If you will need more items, better get something that has compartments to fill in your small thingies.

The season would definitely be annoying, talk about dripping sweat. Now, it is best to look for handbags that have longer straps to give ample space between your bag and your body. Also, you don’t want short handbags that when carried over your shoulders, would stick to your underarms. Friction would cause more heat and you don’t want to lose your composure because of this. And so, this is the third thing to check.

Number four; bring that retro gal in you! Go for more summer look by choosing floral designs. Of course make sure to consider the color as stated above. If you are looking to get leather summer handbags, you may have a little hard time looking for those that has floral designs. There may be some that have floral embroidery but they are rare and could cost a little more than the usual leather handbags.

There will be no perfect bag but you could always go with the one that suits what you need and the one that makes your heart stop a little as you look at it. Make sure to check the event that you will be using the bag so you may play with them and do some mix and matches. Evening events require darker shade and more glittering effect but for the summer lovin’ season, make sure to get the coolest of them all!


Shifting Season: Finding the perfect Spring Handbags!

It is so much exciting to shop for new handbags and ladies let us all admit it – we are all looking forward to this. What’s nice about getting a new bag is that you know, you have an excuse when the season lapses. You know you better get yourself a new one. You may come across different handbags online, or on any boutiques, but be sure to get the one suitable for the season. Check out different catalogues and brochures and choose the one you like best. But before you do that, how do you actually find the right bag for the season? Summer, winter, and fall have their own ideas. More or less, these three seasons are much easier to see on the market. You can always see floral designs for summer, comfy silky bags for winter and gorgeous simple totes for fall. How about spring handbags?

Here are some of the things you need to focus on when purchasing your spring handbags.

  1. Designs, designs, designs everywhere!

While other season requires a couple of preferred look and design, spring handbags are less stressful to choose. Basically, because anything you want, may fit in.  Purses, totes, clutch bags, body bags – name it and they can all be spring handbags.

  1. Material Picking

Every season gives out a new trend to follow, but more than the trend, your comfort is number one. In order to save you from the sticky heat of summer, best summer bags are made of cotton. Silk or faux fur works wonderful in winter season, not to mention fall too. Spring on the other hand, is a more relaxing season, so any lightweight material or fabric would work well.

  1. Getting the right Print

So, we all know tropical flowers are more about summer. But it applies well for spring handbags too, cheerful striking colors with modern touches are all for it. Quick tip for other seasons: go for snow covered forest designs for the winter and simple leafy designs for fall. Plain solid colors can be worn anytime of the year, but be careful of the shading. However, for those who want to go sassy on their seasonal handbags, you can go detailed and choose the ones related mainly to the current period.

  1. Color combination and Shading

Like what was mentioned above, almost everything can be used anytime, but if you are really into blending for the current season, make sure you choose the best one. Other seasons, for example – winter can go from shades white to black. Any deep colored colors may suit as well, such as dark green, red, or purple. Fall obviously mixes well with amber, orange and brown color. Spring handbags can go from light and bright hues. Pastel colors are best, light green, sky blue and rose. Hot colors such as pink, sunshiny yellow and robin’s egg blue are commonly for summer.


Business Strategies for Cheap Wholesale Handbags

Designer purses and handbags have become part and parcel of modern fashion for women. Although you don’t have anything really important to carry with you, you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without a purse. Sporting a bag is more a fashion statement than a necessity. Thus, business owners have capitalized on the high demand for cheap designer handbags. There are many ways to make a lucrative business in this industry.

If you consider selling bags for extra income, it is a must to study the market strategy and pricing trend of wholesale purses and handbags. Many sellers offer wholesale bags and designer purses for highly competitive prices. Online stores bring the competition to a steeper level since they sell bags close to the manufacturers’ price. Online stores brandish wholesale handbags and purses at rock-bottom rates because there’s no middleman’s commission. They do not pay rent for a physical space nor need to hire employees. As long as you can ascertain the security of business transaction with a reputable seller, all you have to worry about is the shipping costs. You can also purchase discount designer handbags at affordable prices if you are lucky to catch a major sale from retailers.

Cheap Wholesale HandbagsWhile looking for cheap handbags, do not forget to look into the workmanship and production process of the bags. Genuine designer purses undergo stringent quality control before they are released to the market, so be sure that the cheap purses you are considering bear authenticity seals. Traditionally, the manufacturer supplies goods to distributors, who turn over to retailers before the product reaches the consumers. When an item goes through each of these steps, its price increases progressively. Hence, it is wise to buy from sellers who can get wholesale bags directly from the manufacturer.

For your business to be successful, you have to be constantly updated on the latest trends and newest designs available. You should also check the market average for prices so you can offer wholesale purses competitively. Be aware of seasonal demands. Beach tote bags, for instance, sell like pancakes during summer but may decline significantly during winter. Shoulder bags, on the other hand, are an all-time favorite since they can go with any outfit and any occasion. Still, many opt for wholesale leather handbags because they are sturdy and can be worn day in and day out.

Consumers have become more educated nowadays, so you have to address their specific needs. Women tend to be more particular with specific uses of bags than men, so you have to have a variety of products to cater to all occasions. Remember that consumers look for the best deal in terms of price and quality when looking for cheap wholesale handbags.


Getting cheap designer Handbags

If you always wished to have authentic designer bags for less, then this is your chance. You don’t have to spend that thousands of dollars to get one yourself as all you need to know is listed today for your convenience.

Your total outfit does not solely depend on what you wear but everything that you put on yourself. This means, items like accessories, shoes and most importantly, bags can definitely change your outfit from not-to-hot. The problem is that, designer purses and authentic designer handbags are very expensive. But not just because it’s expensive that does mean you have to stick with low class items. You can still get cheap designer handbags for less. Today, we will try to give you the best tips and tricks to obtain top designer handbags for cheap.

cheap designer bags

Places to Search for Chaep Designer Bags


The best place to look for cheap designer bags is to visit an actual retail store. There are two advantages, one isthat you can make sure that they are legitimate plus the fact that you can personally inspect it, second, you can get good discounts on these items knowing they could probably been put to sale after launching the latest items. Make sure to know about the annual sales and try to join their membership listings. You can get up to 70% discount on items that you wouldn’t expect. Watch out for previous season items so you can get clearance discounts.

Malls and Department Stores

Everyone wants to have Chanel or Hermes items but getting the second best items wouldn’t be that bad. You can check cheap designer purses at local department stores on their mid sales and still get the best quality out of your hard-earned money. Purchase the bag when you see it on a good price and never let the chance go. You never know when they’ll have the same discount launched in the near future.

Online Shops

cheap designer handbagsAnother famous way in purchasing items is through online shopping. Apart from regular discounts, you may also get the luxury of choosing the style you want without having to lift a foot. It is very convenient and the styles and designs come directly from the warehouse meaning, no competitions with other shoppers (unless you have timed offers). The downfall however, is that you cannot actually inspect the items which makes other shoppers hesitate. What is suggested is to go to accredited and known sites so you have to worry no more about credibility and authenticity of items.

There are so many ways in order for you to get cheap designer handbags and items. All you need is to have the guts and patience in surfing clearance sales whether it requires personal visits or not. Make sure to check important items on bags such as zippers, linings and stitching. You may also check the logo to see if there are any discrepancies. Be wise and you will surely get a very good deal at your chosen designer items.


Tips and Tricks in Purchasing Cheap Designer Handbags Online

Purchasing cheap bags online is not as easy as it sounds. There are some things you have to look into so you can get quality with every single purchase you do. Now, worry no more as today, we will help you get cheap bags at its best. There are so many helpful sites that can give you the best deals and today we will help you with your concern.

If you love designer purses and handbags without the price tag, then start researching and learn the best techniques from the experts.

Purchasing Cheap Designer Handbags Online

  1. Never forget to browse the best websites that sell wholesale handbags at a very cheap rate. You can check Zappos.com, Overstock and Bluefly. These websites always put authentic handbags on sale. It is very important that you choose the legitimate site to purchase your items so you don’t waste your hard-earned money. Check online retailers so you can get better rates without having to worry about the legitimacy of the product.
  2. It is best to look at Craigslist or eBay to look for cheap handbags. There are even celebrities who sell their used items for less. This means, you can actually get items directly from the Kardashians or from other luxurious figures. Get to have cheap designer bags through selling or swapping; besides barter is pretty much ‘in’ nowadays.
  3. Do not disregard online deal registrations and membership. It is ideal to get notified instead of having to surf all through the web just to find the best. Would it not be great to see them emailing you instead? You may subscribe and sign up to get good shots at cheap tote bags or cheap purses with matching coupons and bonanzas.
  4. Consignment boutiques can be very helpful especially to those who are desperate to have cheap shoulder bags. There are celebs and fashionistas who can’t wear the same item twice and so they put them on consignment boutiques. Make sure to get hold of these sales so you can have sure authentic items without the headache.