Loving Summer Handbags – and coming up with the Best!

Summer, summer season! Who doesn’t love summer? The beach, the striking sun rays and tan lines everywhere! But, summer doesn’t mean we have to be all bare naked and so we still have to manage a better matching look, both for your outfit and your accessories. Depending on what era, your get-up may change from time to time. But mostly, accessories stay if not the same, only with little changes and innovation. This include shoes and the more crazed for, bags.  But how do we really figure out a good handbag to go with our summer look?  If you still want to get that vintage feel by choosing leather summer handbags then, what do you need to consider? Let me share with you some easy guidelines to ensure that you still rock under the sun.

Picking the Right Summer Handbag

There would be hundreds and tons of bags that you may choose from, but which one suits your summer look? Number one, choose the right color. Color combination almost about fit every single thing you need to mix and match clothes and accessories. This summer season make sure to pick the brighter pastel colored item like beige or green. If you want to go buy leather bags, make sure to choose khaki instead of the regular black or brown selection.

Number two, go for the smaller ones. Summer handbags are supposed to be handy and cute. You don’t necessarily have to look like you are bringing your paperwork or laptop with you (though you may look for trendy laptop bags). If you will need more items, better get something that has compartments to fill in your small thingies.

The season would definitely be annoying, talk about dripping sweat. Now, it is best to look for handbags that have longer straps to give ample space between your bag and your body. Also, you don’t want short handbags that when carried over your shoulders, would stick to your underarms. Friction would cause more heat and you don’t want to lose your composure because of this. And so, this is the third thing to check.

Number four; bring that retro gal in you! Go for more summer look by choosing floral designs. Of course make sure to consider the color as stated above. If you are looking to get leather summer handbags, you may have a little hard time looking for those that has floral designs. There may be some that have floral embroidery but they are rare and could cost a little more than the usual leather handbags.

There will be no perfect bag but you could always go with the one that suits what you need and the one that makes your heart stop a little as you look at it. Make sure to check the event that you will be using the bag so you may play with them and do some mix and matches. Evening events require darker shade and more glittering effect but for the summer lovin’ season, make sure to get the coolest of them all!


Shifting Season: Finding the perfect Spring Handbags!

It is so much exciting to shop for new handbags and ladies let us all admit it – we are all looking forward to this. What’s nice about getting a new bag is that you know, you have an excuse when the season lapses. You know you better get yourself a new one. You may come across different handbags online, or on any boutiques, but be sure to get the one suitable for the season. Check out different catalogues and brochures and choose the one you like best. But before you do that, how do you actually find the right bag for the season? Summer, winter, and fall have their own ideas. More or less, these three seasons are much easier to see on the market. You can always see floral designs for summer, comfy silky bags for winter and gorgeous simple totes for fall. How about spring handbags?

Here are some of the things you need to focus on when purchasing your spring handbags.

  1. Designs, designs, designs everywhere!

While other season requires a couple of preferred look and design, spring handbags are less stressful to choose. Basically, because anything you want, may fit in.  Purses, totes, clutch bags, body bags – name it and they can all be spring handbags.

  1. Material Picking

Every season gives out a new trend to follow, but more than the trend, your comfort is number one. In order to save you from the sticky heat of summer, best summer bags are made of cotton. Silk or faux fur works wonderful in winter season, not to mention fall too. Spring on the other hand, is a more relaxing season, so any lightweight material or fabric would work well.

  1. Getting the right Print

So, we all know tropical flowers are more about summer. But it applies well for spring handbags too, cheerful striking colors with modern touches are all for it. Quick tip for other seasons: go for snow covered forest designs for the winter and simple leafy designs for fall. Plain solid colors can be worn anytime of the year, but be careful of the shading. However, for those who want to go sassy on their seasonal handbags, you can go detailed and choose the ones related mainly to the current period.

  1. Color combination and Shading

Like what was mentioned above, almost everything can be used anytime, but if you are really into blending for the current season, make sure you choose the best one. Other seasons, for example – winter can go from shades white to black. Any deep colored colors may suit as well, such as dark green, red, or purple. Fall obviously mixes well with amber, orange and brown color. Spring handbags can go from light and bright hues. Pastel colors are best, light green, sky blue and rose. Hot colors such as pink, sunshiny yellow and robin’s egg blue are commonly for summer.


Choosing the perfect Shoulder Handbag

Nowadays, shoulder bags can be worn almost everywhere – at any occasion, with almost any outfit. This is because; fashion trend seems to adjust with the way of living and the need of making things as practical as possible.  Needless to say, most women prefer bringing with them almost everything so to avoid missing some items just when you need them most. Unlike its common usage today, shoulder handbags were meant to carry wines and water. During the old times, they took advantage of the shape, size and material construction to carry items easily.  But today, it’s more than just an item carrier, rather, a fashionable accessory. But what do you really need to consider before swiping your card over the counter? If you have the luxury to purchase multiple bags, what do you need to look for?

Kicking off your Shoulder Handbag-Hunting Escapade

Shoulder HandbagIf you feel like starting your bag hunting escapade, feel free to read through and realize the factors to consider when it comes to choosing the set you want to have. There are wide varieties of brands to chose from but what you need and how you use it would be more important than just carrying the name. Your aesthetic pleasure would always be a consideration but the utilitarian aspect of it should also be prioritized. If you are a reseller and you are looking to purchase items for different buyers, make sure your choices are suitable to their usage. This means, you got to start by asking and performing some research. So, before you start spending, check these things.

Picking the Right Tint

Color is a big is thing for almost everything. Mixing and matching colors matches every perspective of fashion. This is a big thing especially on accessories that you put on top of your preferred outfit. So, in choosing shoulder handbags go for the more neutral common shade or color. If you can’t make up your mind if you want to use it for casual occasions or semi formal ones, then go for the classic black. This matches almost everything and so, it wouldn’t be that hard to match. But if you have a specific target market that asks for a certain color then you may want to invest on it too.

Checking Dimension

Knowing the main usage of the bag would help a lot in choosing the size you want. If you are looking to use/sell this to professionals, then more than not, bags will be meant to carry gadgets or chunk of paperwork. This, of course, requires more space than the usual shoulder bags. If you received orders for casual usages then you can go for the chic type medium sized bag. Women of different walks of life would prefer sizes differently depending on the usage so be sure to ask and gather your market’s preference. Also consider the pockets and compartments as they would add more room for items.

Going through the Straps

Blue Shoulder HandbagUnlike the usual consumers, bag collectors and enthusiasts would know that straps can make or unmake a bag. Though it is commonly disregarded, straps can impact the overall aesthetic and utilitarian purpose. The bigger the body, the sturdier the strap should be. Now, when we say sturdy that does not mean it has to feel heavy and thick. There are some manufacturers who create heavy duty straps without the nasty look and uncomfortable material. Be sure to inspect the strap to ensure that the bag won’t fall off just after putting a couple of things inside. This also means you have to check the stitching. Before picking the set you want, talk with your customer if they prefer anything. If they do not, then discuss with them the options you have on hand.
In this day and age, everyone tends to be practical. But being practical doesn’t mean we will sacrifice the quality of purchases and of our living. And even in small things, like choosing a good shoulder bag requires smart thinking – balancing usage and your visual pleasure


Getting Involved in Crafting Fabric Handbags

Since ancient history, sewing had been more than just a hobby. When people learned sewing animal skin together to keep them warm, hundred thousands of years ago, the beginning of great revolution started. This craft had been known to both men and women and later on it became a profession that earned thousands a living.

Sewing had always been an in demand skill as clothes are considered as one of our basic needs. And today, crafting has changed lives, literally. From clothes to accessories and home paraphernalia, name it and all can be done dexterously. This income-generating fad helped a lot of small time business owners create their own line of clothes and bags. Today, we will discuss more about getting fabric handbags the core of your moneymaking business.

 As everyone started from scratch (take the multi-million group Vera Bradley, who was established by two friends), it is never too late to have your very own racket. Realistically, if you are looking to venture into bag crafting business, acquiring rare animal skins would be challenging. Therefore, for beginners and to those who has limited budget, the best option would be to use easy-to-find materials. Easy to find, but not to the point that you will compensate the quality, thus, making fabric the perfect fit.

Spreading your Fabric Handbags Everywhere!

Fabric HandbagBefore reaching that famous and overly rich entrepreneur one day, let’s go back to reality. What are the things that you need to consider before funding this home based business?

Gauge your skill. How advanced are you when it comes to sewing. What have been your experiences when it comes to stitching different fabrics together? Crafting fabric handbags wouldn’t be as hard as with any other materials. Totes are good starters. They do not demand too much drama when it comes to stitching. As you grow better, then you may venture into getting more complicated styles on your coming projects. Again, always gauge your skill and do not go far more than what you can, as you want quality items. If you have extra time and resources, then you may want to try taking sewing classes which are commonly offered on fabric stores.

As you continuously earn money, you also need to be responsible with your tax liabilities. When you’re starting your business, it’s best to speak with an accountant. In this manner, you will be able to easily manage the expenses and profit altogether, keeping your finances as stable as possible. They would also be able to fill out necessary forms for you and ensure you don’t miss any. You may also ask their help if you wish to create your own corporation or LLC.

Next would be reaching your target market. Who are they gonna be? If you are looking to sell your items locally, then you may set up booths or if you have enough, then rent a space for your boutique. Flea markets and fairs would be a very good way to get exposure. These chances for local events commonly invite more customer as they will be able to see the items closely without having to purposely visit you on your boutique.

Fabric Handbags

If you want to widen your customer range, then you may try selling online. This is actually cheaper. You may post via social media sites, which would just require you to have an account. There are also sites that can offer free creation of a website for a limited time period. This may help you, especially when you are still starting and don’t have sufficient resources to pay web hosts. Now, once you get to have sufficient resources to get your site going, make sure to seek assistance in driving traffic to your site.

Now, if you cannot venture into creating your own business or you prefer not to use social media for any reason, you may try buying and selling sites like eBay and Etsy. These sites have so many prospect buyers passing by so you will definitely get more chances of having your items bought in no time. Keep in mind to keep your advertisement as detailed as possible. Ensure you have actual pictures and to post important angles of your fabric handbags, such as the inside and outer stitching. You may also need to place your condition and if there is any warranty included. Make sure to find the best marketplace for you to sell your items and entertain possible buyers with utmost care and understanding.


Fendi Clutch

Silvia Venturini Fendi, a fashion connoisseur and design prodigy since childhood, wanted to create a legacy that would further solidify her as an icon in contemporary fashion. Her vision came true when she came up with the “Baguette,” a small purse in an entirely different league among designer bags and clutch purses. The Baguette was launched in the 1960s when Karl Lagerfield joined Fendi as the Creative Director for Fur and Women’s RTW. All the hallmarks of classic Fendi bags came together in this masterful creation—a synergy of fine craftsmanship, individualism, and excellent quality. It’s no wonder that Fendi purses like the Baguette have become an instant success, especially in places like Greenwich Village and most parts of Europe, where ritzy fashion is a standard of living.

Fendi ClutchFendi handbags are created with the customer’s needs and preferences in mind. There are a variety of colors, designs, and fabrics available, so there is surely a Fendi tote or purse for everyone. Among the lavish Fendi fabrics are silk, suede, leather, velvet, snake skin, crocodile skin, woven raffia, and others.

The Baguette was designed as designer purses with a medium-length strap to allow the small bag to sit comfortably just underneath the armpit. Hence, it was named after “a loaf of bread.” It is handy enough to fit inside bigger evening bags yet spacious enough to accommodate your daily essentials like car keys, credit cards, wallet, and make-up kit. In all Fendi clutch bags, it is impossible to miss the distinct double “F” logo engraved on the front clasp of the bags. It has simply become a symbol of elegance and sophisticated taste.

The prices of Fendi bags, as expected of similar designer handbags, are a bit on the exorbitant side, depending on the size, fabric, and design. Limited edition designs are also more expensive, reaching over $2,000 each. Among the cheap purses, a small non-leather purse costs at least $500. On average, a medium-sized Baguette costs anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Because of its chic appearance and refined history, the Fendi Baguette is recognized as one of the most famous designs worn even by celebrities and royalties. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Hudson, just to name a few, have proudly sported the Baguette on the Hollywood red carpet. Thus, the Fendi Baguette quickly became a status symbol. Many designers would create outfits to complement the Fendi bag.

Designers of Fendi clutch bags have persistently pursued perfection in their craft, so it is not uncommon to see a new Fendi design for every season and different events. There’s the all-time favorite vintage black clutch purse, which can be used day in and day out without worrying about wear and tear. There is the popular brown evening clutch with double “F” logos embossed on brown genuine leather.