Beach Bags for and all Occasions

Beach bags have been traditionally linked to summer, their colorful and unique designs in contrast with the glaring heat, flashy sunglasses, cushy beach towels, and vibrant swimwear. With an innovative fashion sense, though, your beach bags and totes can make a surprising encore in your daily wardrobe even after summer, regardless of the season. Surely, you can use your waterproof beach bag for swimming, but you can also sport your large beach bag for carrying school projects, your straw beach bag for going to church, and your mesh beach bag for swinging by the gym. Matching colors and designs is only limited by your creativity!

Beach tote bags are a great addition to your all-season wardrobe because they are versatile, fun, and durable. Many designer beach bags come with a roomy, unstructured storage space so you can easily keep towels and beach apparel. Exterior pockets allow easy access to your beauty essentials like sunscreen, flipflops, and makeup kit. They have adjustable straps and expandable main compartments. You can order monogrammed or personalized beach bBeach Bagags with your name or favorite characters embroidered on them. The best beach bags sport adorable prints, some with complementary or contrasting hues in the body and straps. Others play up vintage and abstract prints in washed-down cotton fabric. You can vary your collection even more with reversible designs. The chic and trendy designs, however, do not undermine the durability of these cute beach bags. If properly maintained, they can survive the wear and tear of everyday use just as much as leather designer handbags. High-grade tote bags come with woven rope straps, interlaced stitching, and secure zippers or magnetic snap closures. If you want to invest on designer beach bags, a Tory Burch beach bag with reinforced, rip-resistant handles and water-resistant bottom is an excellent pick.

Beach BagsMesh tote bags and canvas beach bags are the most commonly used beach bags. Most canvas bags are made from 100% cotton, so they are breathable, light-weight, and washable. Others are made from polyester canvas with soft braided handles that are comfortable on your shoulders. A lot of canvas tote bags have open top linings, making them a perfect companion as you lazily lounge by the ocean or pool all afternoon. The mesh beach bag, on the other hand, is made of see-through material so you can easily locate what you are looking for. An excellent container for your laundry, most mesh bags have water-proof compartments and rubberized drawstrings.

As much as you want to keep wearing your fancy canvas tote bags by the beach or pool, summertime only lasts a few weeks. Your good old beach bag tote will fondly remind you of your moments wiggling your toes in the sand, so why not take it with you to school? Just shake up the sand and wash it up and you’re good to go. In the meantime, you can put your bikinis and shades in your closet and stuff your laptop, books, and pens. If summer is months away, you have plenty of time to look for cheap beach bags in local retail stores or online sellers. You can choose from different colors, sizes, and designs of wholesale beach bags from reputable stores.