5 Must-know Tips on Bags for Women

Women’s bags are symbols of beauty and prestige. Women wear bags for every occasion—evening bags for late-night dates, fashion handbags for office parties, and their ever dependable leather handbag for everyday use. There are, however, five tips that everyone should know about handbags for women. Gentlemen, pay attention for insightful anniversary or birthday gift ideas for your wife or mom.

  1. Go with the curves

As fashion accessories, handbags come in different shapes and sizes to accentuate your body type. Customarily, you should wear a bag whose shape contrasts with your curves. A silky, elongated satchel bag is perfect for plump, curvy women. Handbags that sport a slumping, collapsed style are best for lanky gals.

  1. Types of bags for women

Depending on your taste, there are lots of bags available for women. Bags specifically designed for every function can be bought in most boutiques and shopping centers. You can use a tote bag for shopping, laptop bag for office or school, and a clutch bag for evening affairs.

  1. Keep it good as new

Women’s purses may come with price tags as hefty as expensive jewelry, so you’d better keep your newly bought Prada minaudiere in tiptop shape at all times. Fashion handbags won’t maintain their pristine form without proper storage, stain-proofing, and conditioning. Always store your bags on a flat, even surface. To protect from stain, you can use Vectra spray except on leather handbags. Women should also exercise caution in conditioning fabric, suede, and vachetta leather.

  1. More variety from rental bags

If your salary can’t sustain a new bag for every company gathering, you can rent designer bags for about $100 to $150 per month instead of buying a new Chanel bag for $4,000. Now you can sport a different designer bag without spending thousands of dollars!

  1. Steer clear from knock-offs

bags for womenWhen shopping for handbags on sale, be extra careful in detecting counterfeit clones of designer bags. Fake purses and leather bags for women are now made almost the same as the original that you can hardly see the difference. One way to verify if you’re getting the real deal is by checking the price and manufacturer. If the price is too good to be true, then what you’re looking at is most likely an illegal knock-off. Most leather handbags for women are European in origin, so a Taiwan or China-made product should make you suspicious. If you can’t find an authenticity label, carefully inspect the bag’s quality (logo, inside tags, lining, and zippers) and look for a serial number.

Of course, the only way to be sure you’re getting a genuine bag is to buy from authorized dealers and reputable boutiques. The staff should know about the pedigree, warranties, and reputation of various bags for women. Never trust street vendors’ aggressive claim at authenticity because they are only after your money. On the other hand, if you have fashionista friends, they can definitely refer you to a reliable store.

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