How to Find Cheap Designer Handbags Outlet?

If you are in pursuit of designer bags for less, designer handbags outlet will be the best choice you can make. Designer handbags outlet shops offer a big discount, the kind you wont be able to get in most stores, even in events of designer handbags sale.

How do outlets work? Well, outlets get their handbags  from either a manufacturer of from their boutiques. Top designer handbags waiting to be sold in a warehouse are only a loss of money while waiting to be sold, so when they have too many of a certain kind, or when they are making a new editions/collections, these handbags find their way to an outlet store, where they will be sold at discount prices.

Going to a designer handbags outlet store

Before you decide to go on a trip to such an outlet, i must urge you to be aware that there are not many designer handbag outlet out there. Make sure to check for nearest one since most people will have at least an hour drive to get there. You can look up all the information online, like everything else today. Also be aware that their inventory is pretty inconsistent, so if you are looking for a certain cheap designer handbag, it might be best to call the store and ask if they have any.

designer handbags outletAlso, don’t expect you will be able to get new collections in discount designer handbags outlet. If you friend just bought a new collection handbag or you saw a movie star wearing one you like, it is most likely it will not be found in the outlet store. But if you do, be prepared to pay pretty much the same price as in a regular boutique. Discount might be up to 10% from retail price. But if you are looking for last years editions, you will get over 50% in many cases. Buying designer handbags on sale- that’s what i call a smart shopping.

One thing I love about designer handbag outlet is their staff members are usually very knowledgeable about bags, since most of them were working in the niche. Also they usually don’t have big number of different handbags at once, so they can help you with your choice. They will also know (and teach you if you want) one more important thing, and its how to spot a fake. It is highly unlikely you will get a fake handbag at an outlet.

Designer Handbags outlet store vs. Online shopping

Sometimes online shopping is your best call. With gas prices these day, and you having to lose hours to get to the nearest designer handbags outlet store, it seems like a logical thing to get your handbag or purse in an online store. Though you can actually see an item in a store, its not like buying a shoes. Shoes might not fit you, but a bag will not be uncomfortable or one size too small for you.

Online shopping has some disadvantages, like shipping cost. Though if you are buying an expensive thing like designer bags or brand name purses, you will get a free shipping usually. Buying in authentic designer handbags outlet online will make you wonder if handbag is actually authentic. This is a very important matter, as hundred millions worth of fake designer purses and brand name bags were seized by authorities just in last year.

But there is a simple simple solution for this: buy at a reputable online store. One of the reliable stores online is Amazon. This giant online store will sell you whatever you need from needle to plane. If they sold  you a fake designer handbag, they would get such a bad publicity that it might cost them tens or hundreds of millions. So they will not do that for sure. You will most likely get best designer bags deals there. And you will have 100% save shopping.

Designer Handbags outlet final words

You might also wonder if wholesale designer handbags could be something you should consider. But in reality you must buy at least hundred of these to get some discount. You will not be able to form a group of 10 people and get designer wholesale handbags or wholesale purses discount. Unless they all buy 10 cheap purses or handbags.

One more thing about designer handbags outlet stores. They will sometimes sell a defective products. These are usually small visual, hard to spot defects. It should be clearly listed that the bag has minor defects if that’s the case. Cheap designer handbags might cost you in those cases. Be sure to check for such practice at your designer handbags outlet store.

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Rebecca Minkoff Handbags

Scroll down a bit for most popular Rebecca Minkoff handbags reviews

If you are looking for Rebecca Minkoff handbags or purses, you will want it to be on sale. But if you also want to get the real thing fast, check out Rebecca Minkoff Handbags on Amazon.

Rebecca Minkoff has some very sophisticated bags which appeal to all women. Before the launch of handbag line, the name was not know at all. Brand has some very popular handbags, like “Morning After” and Cupid.

If i had to choose one, it would be a tough task. So I’m constantly searching for outlets or discounts to get my hands on Rebecca Minkoff bag. There are quite a few nice handbags, which are all unique in their own way. I better get started with reviews.


Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch

  • Leather
  • Fabric lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 21.75″ shoulder drop
  • 6.75″ high
  • 9.25″ wide
  • Interior lining
  • Outside front zip pocket hidden beneath flap with lock closure
  • Four metal feet
  • Top zip closure
  • Inside features dual multipurpose slide pockets, small back wall slide pocket, large zip pocket, and key hook

This bag is my first choice when i need to do quick shopping. I was waiting for quite some time hoping to get it on discount, and i finally bought it. Although there are a number of cheaper lookalikes it was well worth my money. A friend bought it first so i took a peek and liked it. I love it because it can be used on lot of occasions, both casual and formal.

It is made from genuine quality leather, meaning it will last you almost for life. You can even carry it cross body when you are casually dressed. Many women came to me asking where i got this bag. Its golden chain will dress up with anything, so you don’t need to dress fancy all the time.

You have front pocket (just under the buckle flap) that is perfect for small stuff, or cash and credit cards. Its closed with zipper so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. Bigger pocket can fit bigger items, keys, cameras, smartphones and makeup.

Don’t forget to take care of your bag with some protecting spray for leather – it will last 5 times longer and look better. Oh, and one minor thing i don’t like. My hair gets caught with shoulder strap sometimes, so don’t wear if you let go your hair on your shoulders.


Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini Shoulder Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini Shoulder Bag

  • leather
  • Handles have a drop of approximately 7″
  • Made in China
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 12.5 x 8 inches ;
  • Weight: 2 pounds

I have to say i wasn’t too fond of buying a China made handbag, but I was very surprised of its quality when it arrived. The leather is very soft and thick.

When it came in box I was very excited to unwrap it. In the bag was a sleeper bag and i found tags of authenticity in its zipper pocket. So it was authentic for sure. I was kind of not too sure because i bought it on sale (over 50% off) on Amazon.

I was thinking should i buy the mab, or mab mini, and mini was just enough to hold all my stuff. So i guess the normal mab is much bigger and i already ordered and an will review it soon when i got it.




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Authentic Prada Handbags

Scroll down a bit for most popular prada handbags reviews

When buying authentic prada handbags on sale, you must first check that it is authentic. It should have Prada logo on the handbag outside. If it doesn’t have it, it most likely isn’t the real thing. There are a few versions of logo and each bag has one.

My advice would be to check Prada Handbags on Amazon. This is where you can find how they should look like, because Amazon will not sell you fake bags for sure. And there are times these bags are on sale, so you can get certain Prada bags for cheap.

Every woman chooses a handbag to her taste, and authentic Prada handbags discount is what she will look for. There is no need to argue, Prada is world most famous handbags brand. They have stylish handbags, and she will be considered a trend setter among her friends.

Prada is a combination of style, functionality and prestige. Every woman carrying a Prada knows it feels good. But enough chatter. Lets get to some reviews.

Prada BN1336 Gauffre Ruched Leather in Rich Dark Brown

Prada BN1336 Gauffre Ruched Leather in Rich Dark BrownMade of gathered or “ruched” ultra soft

Comfortable rolled leather handles have a 6″ clearance with buckle detailing and ID tag

Removable Shoulder strap with Prada engraved clasps for convenient carrying

Main compartment has a zipper  for security

Interior pocket with PRADA MADE IN ITALY logo

Measures Approximately: 14” at widest x 12.5” tall at center x 6” deep – Strap: 6” Clearance

This is high quality bag for women who like to carry a lot of stuff. Because it can take a lot. You can get it in different colours. Even if your desired handbag color is not available, you will be able to choose from a very similar Prada handbags designs and find the handbag that will satisfy you.

I would not recomend it to extremly tall or short women, as it doenst seem to fit either du to its size. Yet 90% of you will be amazed how other turn with envy when you carry it. I have one, and after a few years of service its still in great shape, and you will fall in love with it after a few days.


Prada Handbag MV515 Bosco Tessuto


Silver Hardware engraved with Prada, Prada signature triangular Logo on the front of the bag

Comfortable 11″ cushioned textile strap

Full length zipper closure over the top

Interior lined with Prada signature fabric

Measures Approximately: 7.5″H x x8.5″L x 2.5″W

Includes: Prada Dust bag , Prada Authenticity Cards, and Care Card

All i can say that if you are going to buy this handbag, buy it at Amazon. It is the most copied Prada handbag and there are much more fakes out here than real ones. If you see it under $100 dollars, its most likely fake.

It is textile handbag made of quality fabric. It can easily be carried on shoulder and every women can use it for her daily needs. It is a bit sporty and modern, but can also be carried by business women. Since its now on sale on Amazon i suggest you buy it.


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Summer Handbags – Find Good Deals

Those who have enough money to get new designer summer handbags every year, are often considered as class and bear a certain prestige in society. But now almost anyone can afford designer handbags for cheap, not just celebrities. Many of the best designer are now lowering prices to sell more handbags for more profit in total. These are not some low quality designer handbags either, but same bags carried by movie stars on red carpet, just being produced in much higher volume.

As I pointed out, almost anyone can afford a new summer handbag. Cheap handbags don’t mean $10 ones, but you can often get a quality designer summer purses or handbags for under $100. If you want more than one than you might go with cheap straw handbags. Fashion handbags will be more expensive.

But we got you covered with our advice on a few tricks to find handbags on sale or for a discount. Handbags and purses might be purchased for quarter of price if you now how.

Summer Handbags- Shopping Tricks

summer handbagsGarage sales. Though it might look crazy, its not. Economy sucks worldwide and people will sell many things that are not essential for low price. You could easily find some designer unique handbags on sale when people are in money trouble. Many lost their jobs and will be willing to sell expensive stuff they own for pennies. Garage sales are usually gonna be in local newspaper, so buy one. This might get you some cheap summer handbags for a very low price.

Auctions. Not the big ones, but local. They are held usually weekly or monthly, and you can get all sort of stuff way below what regular price tag says. don’t go there blindly, you can check by phone what is the inventory.

Sales at department stores are a great way to get a designer summer handbag in the late summer or in autumn. They can’t afford a space for such inventory to wait another year, they got seasonal stuff all the time. If you don’t mind having a last year designer summer handbag, you can get them at quarter price sometimes.

My favorite – shopping online. Today whole Internet is one big mall. Every bigger store has a web shop. There are also online shops that don’t exist in „real world“ like Amazon. The best thing is you can compare the prices, buy at online auctions and online designer handbags outlet stores.

The Conclusion for Finding the Best Cheap Summer Handbags

The whole point is that if you are on budget (and most of us are), you can still find a discounted summer handbags using some of the methods we mentioned. This will take some effort, but can save you lots of cash. This is the only way to find cheap designer summer handbags and get something to go with your summer clothes.

My advice is also to make sure not to buy replicas, as these are low quality handbags. you will not be able to sell it either  if you get tired of it. So if you want quality and prestige, find some beach bags and other summer handbags that have a name.

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